Invasive Species

Raymond's beautiful lakes and ponds are threatened by invasive water plants and invasive animals.

Invasive plants:   The State of Maine identifies about a dozen invasive water plants as items of concern, though not all of them are present in Maine at this time. The most immediate and visible concern is variable-leaf milfoil, which is present in a number of places around Sebago Lake. RWPA provides Courtesy Boat Inspectors at public boat launches to help boaters inspect their boats, both going into the water and coming out, to prevent the spread of invasive water plants (and animals.) Please give our yellow-shirted inspectors a chance to check your boat with you, and to explain the importance of this quick inspection process.

RWPA also has a crew of divers who spend each summer working to reduce the existing infestations of milfoil. You may not see them while you're on the lake, but be assured, they're working hard to knock back the milfoil infestations along the Raymond shore of Sebago Lake.

For an introduction to invasive water plants, we recommend Panther Pond Association's Web page on the subject. For more about varialbe-leaf milfoil specifically, see below.

Invasive animals   There is at least one invasive animal, the Chinese Mystery Snail, in some of the Raymond lakes, and other invasive animals have been found in other Maine lakes, though not in Raymond yet. For more on invasive animials, see here.

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