RWPA employs crews during the summer months (approximately 5/22 through 9/7) for two programs:

Courtesy Boat Inspectors

CBIs attend the public boat ramps in Raymond, inspecting boats for plant and animal material, and educating boaters on the reasons and methods for doing their own inspections.

Inspectors must be 16 or older, and enjoy spending time outdoors and meeting people. A friendly, outgoing attitude is required, along with the ability to work effectively without close supervision. Legible handwriting is a must. Jobs are part-time with some flexibility in hours. Inspection shifts are mostly (but not entirely) on weekends and holidays. $13/hour, some bonuses available.

For more information, see below. *

Milfoil removal (DASH) Team

RWPA is engaged in removing invasive variable-leaf milfoil from Sebago Lake and the Jordan River. DASH team members must be 16 or older, and be trained, or willing to be trained, in milfoil removal, CPR and first aid. We have openings for:

2 Divers: Involves surveying and removing milfoil in areas ranging from shallow water to 25 deep. Must be SCUBA certified, but also includes snorkel and shallow water work.

1 Deck Hand: Assists the team in operating the equipment, doing shallow-water removal work, transporting and maintaining the boats and gear. Does not require SCUBA certification.

Team members will participate in tasks including boat operation, safety, record-keeping, and equipment and supplies maintenance. If you have SCUBA certification, DASH certification, and/or boat handling skills, and want to work outdoors during the summer, one of these jobs may for you. Must be available June 1 - August 28, or longer. Pay depends on position and skills.

For more information, provide your information and request an application (see below.) *

Volunteer (unpaid) Positions

Courtesy Boat Inspection

We also accept volunteers for Courtesy Boat Inspector and support positions - see above for more information.


RWPA is looking for people to join the board of directors, especially from the under-represented lakes (Sebago Lake, Raymond Pond, Notched Pond) and streams (Tenny River, Jordan River.) You do not have to own property on a lake or stream to be a director. Board members must be members of the organization, or willing to become members. Meetings are held approximately once a month, year round, usually on Wednesday mornings. Snowbirds can be directors, but obviously will miss some meetings. The duties include helping to guide RWPA in its mission of monitoring, protecting, and improving the water quality of the lakes and streams of Raymond; most Directors also take on other chores, such as crew supervision, fund raising, boat maintenance, etc. Note: Directorship is a volunteer (unpaid) position. Candidates should have an interest in the functions of RWPA and the time to devote to contribute to the organization. Any skills you can bring to the group will be welcome. For mor information, see below. *

Occasional Activities

From time to time in late spring, summer, and early fall, we have opportunities for people who would like to work with RWPA on various activities. Examples include: working in the Jordan River to transport people and materials, and support crews and other volunteers who are laying/moving tarps and hand-pulling milfoil; providing transport for tarping materials; maintaining boats and equipment; serving as a photographer for RWPA operations; developing a social media presence for RWPA; preparing presentation materials for our education efforts. These occasions can provide the opportunity to meet RWPA personnel, and to meet the "enemy" up close and personal. If you might be interested in these or similar activities, please see below. *

* For more information on any of the listings above, please contact RWPA with your information and availability, and specify what job(s) you are interested in. Early application for paid jobs is highly encouraged.

Minimum age for all RWPA jobs: 16      (There is no maximum!)

DASH job application